Kickdrum Technology




Kickdrum Tech is a small startup that was looking for a clean modern website with advanced scheduling functionality. We created a scheduling system that allowed users to view all of the founder’s schedules simultaneously, creating¬†seamless appointment making. It also had the ability to find openings in their schedules by selecting a date and the people they would like to meet with. This was developed as a highly custom WordPress plug-in that matched the rest of the site.

*Given the lack of availability this calendar feature was discontinued, although it worked flawlessly ūüėČ As with many startups, their live site has evolved since its original creation.


CLIENT: Kickdrum Technology
DATE: 2012
SKILLS: Web Design, Web Development Graphic Design, UI / UX
TECHNOLOGY: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, PHP, CSS3, HTML 5, JS Jquery, AJAX, MySQL, WordPress