The Austin Socialite



The Austin Socialite is a site designed to keep local Austin socialites in the know. It provides dates and information about local shows and events. They also host a variety of events each year, and this site allows visitors to log in and view past event videos and pictures. We helped develop a custom admin area that allowed them and their photographers to easily upload large quantities of pictures and videos. Adding the ability to crop these pictures was an especially big hurdle. We also added a custom gallery for their albums, as well as other features, such as custom ads. While we were in there, we spent quite a bit of time cleaning up their old framework to run more efficiently and be more easy to work in, in the future.


CLIENT: The Austin Socialite
DATE: 2013
SKILLS: Web Design, Web Development Graphic Design, UI / UX
TECHNOLOGY: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, PHP, CSS3, HTML 5, JS Jquery, AJAX, MySQL